Hello friends! We are Aimee and Whitney, two sisters bound by a shared passion for all things home.

Aimee has spent the last 15 years working her magic as a professional photographer and interior designer. Her passion for reimagining spaces to convey beauty while still being both functional and livable for her clients, has left a lasting impression on the homes she’s touched.

Complementing Aimee’s creativity, Whitney is a dynamic real estate agent who thrives in the industry she loves. With an innate ability to understand the potential of a space, Whitney finds joy in connecting people with their dream homes.

As sisters (and besties) we share a slight obsession for home decor, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and Mexican food. Whether we’re decorating our own homes, exploring construction sites, or stuffing our faces with chips and salsa, when we’re together, the conversation always flows toward one of these topics. (And our husband’s love it!).

When it comes to the home, we both believe its ambiance directly influences a person’s mood, and we take immense pleasure in helping others turn their houses into havens. Decorating your home is not just about creating a beautiful space, it’s about fostering happiness and reducing stress by truly loving the place you live.

Our goal with Suburbia Home is to have a curated collection of stylish home decor filled with neutral tones and texture to complement any design; a way to bring beauty into any space without the worry of children playing nearby or husband’s nagging about the cost!

To start, our offerings will include artwork, rugs, pillows, lighting and home decor/shelfie accessories. However, our goal is to grow. To be able to bring our customers every element needed to create a livable, loveable home is the ultimate dream.

We are excited you are here and hope to help you create a place you are proud to call home!

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